The ALC Difference

At ALC, we Focus on the One while coordinating trips for thousands of students every day. For School Districts, our Teams offer a level of service found nowhere else, including:

Today, every dollar counts – especially education dollars. ALC can save school districts 20-30% on average AND provide improved service. This is a claim we can prove and one that seems hard to ignore.

Prior to transporting any student, their parent/guardian will have the opportunity to meet with an ALC representative to discuss all aspects of the student’s transportation needs.

ALC understands that knowing a student’s preference to sit on the right-side of the vehicle and to be accompanied by a favorite stuffed animal is just as important, in many cases, as understanding their physical requirements. These parent/guardian meetings allow ALC to cultivate relationships with the students and their families.

Request a copy of our Parent Introduction Booklet.

Consistency – it’s important to your students and it’s important to ALC. Our solution, which strives to provide students with the same driver every day, enhances communication with parents and increases the comfort level of the students.

Because we not only match the vehicle, but also the driver with the individual needs of the student, drivers view their role as having made a commitment to serving “their” students each and every day. The result: students spend more days in the classroom, providing them and their parents stability, familiarity, security and trust.

ALC gives your district direct access to the time and location of each student’s trip. Knowing where your students are, and when they arrive, provides an additional level of comfort and safety.

ALC’s solution is uniquely customized to meet the specific needs of the district’s students – today – and as their needs change. ALC ensures that each vehicle best matches the student’s needs. Factors such as seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility, additional equipment needs, and the possible need for a nurse/aide, are all considered in identifying a vehicle for your students.

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