Recorded Webinar: COVID-19—Servicing Students Who Can’t Get to You

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A temporary “new normal” has gripped the country with school districts adopting serious measures to keep their kids safe from COVID-19. Adjusting to this new normal means student transportation has gone in reverse—from transporting students to their schools, to the delivery of meals and services to them. However, districts are finding new and creative ways to provide for their most vulnerable students.

The reality for many kids—including populations that factor into low-income qualified, and some with special education needs—means districts are utilizing their transportation resources in creative ways to deliver materials for school days at home. Transportation providers are now coordinating the delivery of everything from homework packets and computers, to meals for our kids in need.

“Districts are finding new and creative ways to provide for their most vulnerable students.”

hear best practices and creative ways you can provide for your most vulnerable students right now. Learn from a school district that has already put their transportation partnerships into action to deliver meals to their student population. Hear what other districts are doing and how to get creative with the resources you already have in place. Also hear from an industry leader in alternative student transportation on the tactics they’ve implemented to build co-operative, caring strategies for their districts.

Watch the entire webinar here.

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