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CJ Watkins

ALC Account Manager, Tampa, FL

ALC Schools is the pioneer of supplemental and alternative student transportation. First established in the early 2000s in Orange County, California, it has grown to gain the trust of over 400 school districts in 20 states. Our experience and dedication are unmatched in the industry. The only way to truly demonstrate that is through our stories. There isn’t a single aspect of ALC that makes us unique, but the collective of all of our experiences and challenges define the entire company as a whole.

CJ’s Story

Inspired by his best friend Marcus and psychology and criminology background, CJ Watkins knew he’d serve his community upon completing his studies. Coincidentally, it was when he’d met an ALC employee at a career fair that he found the perfect opportunity to assist an area that was close to his heart. “I couldn’t say no!” he explained.

From a young age, CJ was passionate about helping and understanding children with special needs. Before ALC, he’d volunteered at the Youth Center on Tyndall Air Force Base where he’d met his best friend Marcus – a boy living with high functioning autism. CJ recounts, “Growing up in a military family that moved around a lot, I’d gotten used to being the lonely new kid on the block or at school. All that changed the day I met Marcus!”

CJ noticed Marcus was different, but never considered it as a negative. “Having lived in places like Germany and the Netherlands growing up, I was no stranger to standing out or being different,” he explained. So, when Marcus asked him to play basketball on his first day of volunteering, he appreciated that someone was also just as different.

Autism awareness is a topic that CJ has always been passionate. He believes that educating society about individuals – specifically of children – who are on the autism spectrum is crucial to fostering a better world that’s compassionate towards autistic people.

“Marcus has blessed me with the ability to see things from a unique perspective. Now, I stop, think, and evaluate my personal perspective, as he’s given me a heightened level of awareness in any given situation,” CJ said. “This has helped me enormously – here at ALC – when empathizing with the challenges and adversities that many children we transport face, including their parents and guardians.”   

ALC Schools has truly been the perfect opportunity that continues to enable CJ to do what he loves every day. By helping others and utilizing both his education and life experience, he is grateful to learn and grow all while giving back.

Our goal has always been to “focus on the one” with our students. That wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and care we have for each other. The compassion we share for each other translates into everything we do, and that’s what sets us apart.

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