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ALC Schools is the pioneer of supplemental and alternative student transportation. First established in the early 2000’s in Orange County, California, has grown to gain the trust of over 400 school districts in 20 states. Our experience and dedication are unmatched in the industry and the only way to truly demonstrate that is through our stories. There isn’t a single aspect of ALC that makes us unique, but the collective of all of our experiences and challenges define the entire company as a whole


Our mission is to give students with special transportation needs an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed, that wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and care we have for each other. The compassion we share for each other translates into everything we do, and that’s what sets us apart. These are a few of our stories.

CJ Watkins

Sometimes, it's those dear to us that help us realize our passion and purpose.

Annie Le

Every family has its challenges, but when you have a child with a disability, things look a lot different.

John Hayes

In 2012 John Hayes found himself with a decision to make. He could continue to do what he loved, or he could help others find the same passion he had.

Ricardo Saenz

Learn how ALC supported Ricardo's selfless decision to join the National Guard and how he balanced both.

ALC’s Alternative Student Transportation is Your District's Solution.


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