Our Focus


ALC’s Smart Routing Technology and Dedicated Client Services Team respond quickly to the changing needs of your district's McKinney-Vento students, while our assigned drivers and vehicles provide the consistency they need to start their day.

Special Needs Students

When transporting students with special needs, it's critical to focus on the one. No matter the thousands of students we transport every day, ALC's Field Operations Team ensures that each student is individually matched with the appropriate vehicle and driver, to meet their physical needs and emotional preferences.

Hard-to-Serve Trips

Sending a bus to pick up eight students or fewer is not efficient and results in longer ride times for your students. ALC can help route those trips into smaller capacity vehicles, providing not only cost savings but also a more comfortable and shorter trip for your students.


By matching the right vehicle with the right trip, districts no longer have to pay for unused capacity and are able to meet the specific transportation needs of their students.The ability to efficiently allocate resources allows for out-of-district students’ needs to be met without incurring additional costs for the district.


Multi-district coordination is exclusive to ALC and allows our district partners the benefit of cost-sharing with billing only for their portion of the trip. When costs are shared, you and your neighboring districts save money.​

Service Assurance

What matters most to us is the safety of your students. That’s why every vehicle and driver providing service to your students meets stringent compliance for state and district transportation requirements. Our goal is to provide safe, reliable, and high-quality transportation that meets ALC's industry-leading standards.

ALC's Alternative Student Transportation is your District's Solution.


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