Nathan Bibb: September’s Recipient, aDifference in Action

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ALC’s aDifference Advisory Team recognized the efforts of Nathan Bibb as September’s aDifference in Action recipient. “Nate challenges me to view things differently. He looks for a solution when others are concerned about the problem, he encourages you to think outside the box and speak up with something that doesn’t seem right.” – Field Operations Area Manager, Jessica Aquino

1. How long have you been with ALC? What were some of your favorite moments with the company?

13 years. I started as a dispatcher and landed my first IT role when the company terminated the IT person of the time. I started in Saint George and later moved to Raleigh when the company opened a dispatch center in North Carolina.

My first big mistake at the company involved me plugging a network cable in incorrectly. I took down the entire network for about an hour. It may not be a favorite, but at least everyone knew who I was after that!

I’ve met many incredible people working here, including my wife who used to work with Andy and Gladis when school dispatch was a tiny team within the company.

When the IT team originally split off into Red Rock, Milt provided each member of the team with an actual red rock from Colorado Springs. Most unintentionally, I left my red rock behind when I moved from Saint George. Somehow, Milt got word of this and shipped me a volleyball-sized rock to my new office in Raleigh. It’s still sitting on the shelf at the Raleigh office!

2. What is a trait/attribute that makes you valuable to ALC?

I am a problem solver. Which is just a fancy way of saying my Google skills are impressive.

3. What are 3 words to describe ALC?

Busy, Busy, Busy? 😊

We all want to thanks Nathan Bibb for his continued drive, attention to detail, and commitment to always “focus on the one”.  He’s one of the hundreds of ALC School’s team members who inspire us every day.

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