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ALC School’s Inside Operations Teams are the very heart of our organization. From Student Monitoring and Tracking, to the Document Integrity Group, and Routing and Optimization, our St. George, UT and Raleigh, NC teams perform some of ALC’s most important work. This is where student safety is continually scrutinized, and every trip watched with a careful eye. Inside Operations is also the key to our daily interactions with valued school district partners, and pride themselves on their professionalism, ethics, and attention to detail.  

"I’ve been a part of ALC Schools for 19 years, and if you’re looking to find a company that cares about what they do, the difference they make, their employees, and about the many families they impact everyday (including mine) I can tell you this is the one. “

Angel Zavala - Director, Student Monitoring and Tracking


Our Document Integrity, Routing and Optimization, and Student Monitoring and Tracking teams work from one of ALC’s two transportation management centers located in St. George, UT and Raleigh, NC. Performing the daily tasks that ensure student safety, our Inside Operations Teams are responsible for driver credentialing, real-time trip monitoring, efficient routing, and the ongoing communication with district personnel and drivers. Our representatives work in collaboration with all of the ALC departments to provide guidance, direction, and feedback to our district partners and operational managers with the focus on meeting our students’ transportation needs. We’re always looking for great people to join these teams.

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