How We Do It


ALC’s Alternative Student Transportation makes A Difference in student’s lives every day. Watch the video and hear our team explain how we do it.

Transporting thousands of the most vulnerable students to school every day is the only thing we do at ALC.

Alternative Student Transportation that meets stringent state and district student transportation regulations across the country.

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Student Tracking and Monitoring Team

Every trip is monitored in real-time by our Student Tracking and Monitoring Teams assuring safety every step of the way.

ALC’s two fully staffed Operations Centers overlap to ensure coverage for districts across the country.

Communication flows with districts, parents, and drivers through our Student Tracking and Monitoring Teams covering everything from daily routes to compliance.

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Proprietary routing software combined with our Dedicated Client Team transforms our district partners’ transportation departments.

With more than a decade of experience as the leading alternative student transportation solution, take a minute to hear about our mighty RO!

Dedicated Client Team


Client Relations teams work with your district to implement each student’s individualized transportation plan. 

Matching vehicle and driver to the student’s needs is a critical step in transporting your most vulnerable students.

Focusing on the one requires a full-service approach from your student transportation partner.

ALC's Alternative Student Transportation is your District's Solution.

How We Do It

Student Tracking and Monitoring Team

Dedicated Client Team

Client Relations


Parent Inquiries

District Support