Field Operations

From the school districts’ specifications to the details of each child’s unique need, ALC’s Field Operations Teams perform the important task of matching each student with a trained driver and vehicle equipped to meet their needs. It takes a team on the ground in every community we serve, to coordinate trips for literally thousands of students every day. The results are students spending more days in the classroom, providing them, their teachers, classmates, and parents, stability, familiarity, security, and trust.

“Working for ALC has helped me look at those around me differently. There are so many families out there going through more than you could ever imagine and sometimes they just need a little bit of help to get them through the day. I’m able to do that at ALC, while helping these families get their students to school.”

Derek Pond, Field Operations – Area Manager


Field Operations Account Coordinator

Account Coordinators provide the implementation and on-the-ground support for ALC’s alternative student transportation solution that meets the needs of our school district partners, parents, and the vulnerable students we serve. Based in one of our 25 field offices across the country, or a new and emerging market, Field Operations Account Coordinators provide guidance and direction to service providers and drivers, as well as valuable communication to ALC’s Area Management and Inside Operations Teams. Strong candidates for this role have a top-notch business acumen, great communication skills, excellent relationship management, indisputable ethics, and a clear cultural sensitivity.

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