District Case Study: Grandview Consolidated School District #4 (Grandview, MO)

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The Customer

Grandview Consolidated School District #4 (GC-4) was established in 1914. Today district boundaries encompass the majority of Grandview, Missouri, as well as portions of south Kansas City on the west, and Lee’s Summit on the east, with a total population of 32,000. The district proudly serves a diverse student population of approximately 4,300 students. It has been fully accredited throughout its history, scoring in the “Distinction in Performance” status in recent years.

The Challenge

Parents were calling the Director of Special Education on a daily basis complaining about transportation services. “These calls were causing major headaches and were consuming valuable administrative time and resources,” said Adam Schwartz, Director of Transportation, Grandview Consolidated School District #4. Something had to be done to fix the issues permanently so the resources could be more efficiently utilized elsewhere. “I came on board with GC-4 after the decision was made to leverage ALC Schools,” continued to Schwartz. “I was, however, familiar with the company and knew of the value they provide to school districts like ours.”

The Result

Schwartz is very pleased with the district’s choice to leverage ALC Schools. “With ALC Schools,” Schwartz said, “customer service has been exceptional, which in turn has made our jobs much easier.” Currently, GC-4 is using ALC Schools to transport its McKinney-Vento and displaced student populations, as well as a handful of out-of-district special needs students. “The biggest value they provide us is with the McKinney-Vento students,” continued Schwartz. “We experience about two to three address changes per week. ALC Schools has always been flexible and ready to address these changes right away, without interruption to the services we are providing.” Schwartz also appreciates ALC Schools’ ability to customize their transportation solutions to meet the district’s unique needs. “We have three small routes servicing out-of-district special education students. Trying to run buses for what was sometimes one student didn’t work for us due to the bell schedules. ALC Schools has met that need and enabled us to efficiently transport these students on a schedule that works for us and for the students and their families,” he said.

Schwartz and his team at GC-4 also like the fact that ALC Schools can easily accommodate shared billing. “Since we are transporting students from within our district boundaries to schools in neighboring districts, we are required to share transportation billing with these districts,” said Schwartz. “With ALC Schools it has never been a problem and they automatically split the billing for us, which helps with the administrative aspects of managing this program. ALC Schools offers tremendous value for the investment.”

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