Abi Studer: November’s aDifference in Action Recipient

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ALC’s aDifference Advisory Team proudly recognizes Abi Studer – Marketing Specialist – as November’s aDifference in Action recipient. “Every organization needs a team member that’s truly a “Swiss-Army Knife” in regards to their subject matter expertise and ability to evolve,” – ALC Creative Strategist, Brent Wees.

Way to go!

1. How long have you been with ALC? What have been some of your favorite moments with the company so far? 

I’ve been with ALC for over 11 years – long enough that I really feel like it’s a part of me. When I think back to my favorite moments, they’ve really been the hard ones. We started working with this one particular customer quite a few years ago and it was a big one – our biggest to that point. We were still a pretty small company, so it was an all-hands-on-deck situation. I was able to work in the field for a few weeks doing everything from reviewing routes and making window placards, to interviewing drivers and even transporting students. That start-up lasted three weeks and I learned more about how all of the pieces and parts from all of the different departments work together, than I have any other way. It was hard, but it was very much worth it for me.


2. What is a favorite quote that inspires you and why?

It’s actually from the newer live-action Cinderella movie – “Have courage and be kind.” That’s the person I want to be – someone who has the courage to try new things and step outside of my comfort zone, while remembering to treat others with respect and kindness.


3. What are 3 words that best describe ALC?

Honestly, I feel like the words we live by are genuine, honest, and transparent. I’ve never been asked to do something I was uncomfortable doing, and it’s truly because I’ve never been asked (or told) to do something that my manager wouldn’t do herself. She is genuine, honest, and transparent and expects the same from me.


4. Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

Maybe just that we are very lucky to be where we are. A lot of people are working really hard, especially during this year where we are seeing an incredible amount of “newness” as we pull out of the pandemic year. It is noticed. It is seen. And it’s these really hard things that teach us the most, but only if we allow them to. Learn everything you can this year because this is the year that is going to teach you the most. I’ve been around a while and I’m learning more this year than I have in any single year previously (except for maybe my first one). Be teachable and soak it in.

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