Alternative Student Transportation for School Districts Nationwide

Our mission is to give students with special transportation needs an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed.

VIP is here!



We are thrilled to announce the VIP (Very Important Passenger) App to the families and caregivers of students receiving transportation through ALC Schools.

• Track the location of their student in real-time during transportation to and from school.

• View updated ETAs of when their student will arrive based on actual driver location and real-time traffic data.

• Get notification when their student gets picked up and dropped off at both home and school.

• Get a notification if there is a substitute driver.

• View upcoming scheduled trips and click-to-call-ALC functionality whenever they need to update or cancel an upcoming trip for their student.



ALC pioneers Alternative Student Transportation that meets state and district student transportation regulations.




ALC releases proprietary software that rapidly routes students easing the efforts of district’s transportation departments.




ALC marks milestone numbers including nearly 17 million miles transporting students in 2019 alone.

Miles Driven in 2019
Trips To School in 2019
Alternative Student Transportation

Alternative Student Transportation In The News

ALC Schools Success Story: Garland ISD (Texas)

The School District Educating 55,000 students across 72 campuses, Garland Independent School District (ISD) ranks as the second-largest district in Dallas County, fifth-largest in Dallas-Fort Worth, 15th-largest in Texas, and is among the 75-largest in America. With a rich, 100-year

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District Case Study: Aurora Public Schools (Aurora,CO)

The Customer As the only public-school system in Aurora, Colorado, and in partnership with the community, Aurora Public Schools is committed to accelerating learning for all students to develop the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to shape successful futures. The

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Your District's Transportation Partner

Alternative Student Transportation SUV
Alternative Student Transportation Stationwagon
Alternative Student Transportation Sedan
Alternative Student Transportation Van

ALC’s model allows districts to quickly respond to the needs of MKV students. Proprietary routing software and dedicated client teams accommodate the challenges of transporting these dynamic students.

Hard-to-Serve Trips

The appropriate vehicle is critical when transporting as few as one student traveling to a remote area of your district or delivering a handful of students living along a rural route.

Students Traveling 

Utilizing smaller vehicles is a cost-effective solution that promotes a consistent environment for students with unique needs requiring them to attend specialized schools outside your district.

Students with 
Special Needs

Seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility, and the need for additional personnel are critical factors when identifying the appropriate vehicle to meet the needs of that one student.

ALC’s Alternative Student Transportation is Your District's Solution.


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